Kontiki Expeditions’ Health Policy and Safety Protocol

At Kontiki Expeditions the health and safety of our guests and crew is of the utmost importance.

For this reason, we emphasize good health-related practices that extend from the quality and independence of the ventilation and a/c system throughout the yacht to the traceability and safety of the food we bring onboard, covering six key areas:

I. Embarkation/Disembarkation of passengers and crew
II. Social areas, spa and gym
III. Guests and crew accommodations
IV. Food hygiene practices and standards
V. Crew members’ practices and standards
VI. Safety Protocol

I. Embarkation/Disembarkation of passengers and crew

  • Mandatory temperature screening and pre-boarding health declarations for all guests.
  • Higher frequency with increased levels of sanitization and disinfection on the zodiacs, ship gangway, and passenger and crew walkways.
  • Compliance with all local port and health authorities’ regulations.

II. Social Areas, Spa and Gym

  • All public areas on board will undergo a two-tier sanitization process with thorough cleansing, fogging and wiping using hospital-grade disinfectant. Frequency will depend on the area and its usage with an average of five times per day.
  • Common public areas will be sanitized multiple times daily.
  • Frequent touch points (handrails, lift buttons, table-tops, door handles, etc.) will be sterilized every hour
  • Frequent usage of heavy-duty, neutral PH floor-cleaning agent to disinfect all floor areas of the ship.
  • Sanitizer dispensers available at various public areas and crew members. stationed at key onboard areas to provide hand sanitation.
  • All coffee table books, magazines, newspapers and brochures will momentarily be unavailable for public use. Instead, guests will be able to access reading materials via our complementary app.
  • Quality and independence of the ventilation and A/C system. A/C filters and vent covers sanitized daily.

III. Guests and Crew Accommodations

  • Higher frequency with increased levels of sanitization and disinfection in guest cabins with hospital-grade disinfectants, including:
    - Twice daily wipe-down of guest cabins.
    - Fogging of vacant guest cabins.
    - Twice-daily wipe-down and fogging of guest cabin alleys.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of guest bathrooms with heavy-duty alkaline bathroom cleaner and disinfectant.
  • Gloves, facemasks and small bottles of hand sanitizer will be readily available for each guest.
  • Timely housekeeping cabin turnover; bed sheets and linens professionally cleaned and disinfected at high temperatures
  • Injection of diluted cleaning solution into drains to avoid clogged pipes and to prevent bacteria growth.
  • Quality and independence of the ventilation and A/C system. A/C filters and vent covers sanitized daily.

IV. Food Hygiene Practices and Standards

  • Restaurants/bar areas, including galleys, will be cleaned and sanitized before and after each service.
  • Guests are encouraged to wash hands before entry and use sanitizer dispensers available at F&B outlet entrances/exits. Crew members will be stationed at F&B entrances with sanitizer before each service.
  • Disposable biodegradable cutlery will be provided, upon request.
  • All food and beverages will be served to guests by crew members wearing face masks and disposable gloves.
  • Fruits, cookies, chips, nuts, candies or other snacks will be served by crew members. Self-service station will not be available for now.
  • To limit the total number of guests in the dining room, we have introduced two seating times for each meal.
  • Guaranteed traceability of all food brought onboard. All of our products are organic and sourced from local producers or from our own farm.

V. Crew members practices and standards

  • Twice daily temperature checks.
  • All Frontline crew are required to wear facemasks and gloves.
  • Housekeeping and F&B crew are required to wear facemasks and disposable gloves.
  • All crew to use antibacterial hand soap frequently for at least 20 seconds to sanitize hands.
  • Provide Training Workshops and pertinent information on health and safety preventive measures.
  • Reduction of crew movement throughout the vessel.

VI. Safety Protocol

  • All outside doors and access to the interiors of the ship are locked when docked. Only registered guests can access the ship using their wearable key.
  • All guests and luggage are verified against the manifest at check-in.
  • Guests have 24/7 access to the front desk with direct communication from their stateroom.
  • Cameras are present at the entrance of the ship and at public areas and are monitored from the bridge.
  • Yachts are patrolled by trained staff 24/7.